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Robert "Bob" Banicki

Champion of Architectural Roofing Specifications

Robert "Bob" Banicki - Roof Products, Inc.The Founder of Roof Products, Inc.

Bob Banicki

Robert "Bob" Banicki answered a help wanted ad around for a Roof Curb company in the Chicago area, at the tender age of 24 years old, sometime in 1964. During this time in American history, no other curb companies existed. Bob learned about roof systems and equipment by going from jobsite to jobsite. At the time there was only one style of curb and most of these curbs were formed or built on the job site out of wood or concrete.  Neither wood or concrete are very dependable in long term applications for protecting roof systems from leaks. Bob was asked, while dealing with customers, about other applications Roof Curbs needed to be used for.  This placed Bob at the forefront of designing other types of curbs for the specific needs of the Roof Systems industry. In the earliest of days Bob was hired by early roof system specialists with ever increasing compensation in order to keep him on staff with some of the earliest Roof Curbs companies.

Bob had a reputation for Sales and a thorough understanding of the Roof Curb systems and it didn't take long for him to partner and start an independent curb company so in 1972 Custom Curbs began. This is when Bob became involved with the Construction Specifications Institute and would travel to speak with Architects to spec Roof Curbs correctly and to setup exclusive projects, along with attending many trade shows promoting our Roof Curbs. Within five years the company exceeded their goal selling 5 million plus. Over the years Bob traveled continuously speaking to Architects, doing lunch presentations and attending trade shows. Opening up a West Coast facility and creating the Roof Products, Inc. brand which ultimately took over the Custom Curbs name with the sudden passing of Bob's partner in 2010. Bob continued to work and grow Roof Products, Inc. over the years.

Roof Products, Inc. has specialized in manufacturing prefabricated roof curbs and other roof accessories nationwide for more than 45 years. We have provided many solutions for the industry as well as training for Architects and Engineers in the proper detailing and specifying of prefabricated roof curbs. RPI manufactures a complete line of roof curbs, expansion joints, equipment supports, adapters, or any type of penetration for new or retrofit projects plus supplies skylights, smoke vents, and roof hatches. Roof Products, Inc. is a company that also offers roof curb surveys on existing projects.

Robert "Bob" Banicki - Roof Products, Inc.Bob Banicki, late President of Roof Products, Inc., was instrumental in creating the original pre-fabricated Roof Curb specification under division 07720 Roof Accessories. He was also responsible for many of the various roof curbs designed to mate with miscellaneous roof systems. Widely recognized as the foremost authority in the prefabricated roof curb field, he was the catalyst for specifying curbs architecturally (instead of in other sections) to assure proper coordination and one source responsibility. Bob Banicki was a member of the Construction Specifications Institute.

Bob was passionate about the business and had a love for people in general. He built many lasting business relationships by providing the best product and customer service available. He handed down his business values and passion for work ethics to his daughter, Bonnie.  She considers the lessons and lifetime of learning about all facets of Roof Products, Inc her greatest accomplishment in life. Sadly, we lost Bob in December of 2016. Bonnie plans on carrying on the same values and work ethics her father taught her as she serves as President of Roof Products, Inc.


Bob Is still a very big part of Roof Products, Inc. His legacy lives on in those that still carry his traits.



Bob Banicki | 1939-2016





Answered help wanted ad for a Roof Curb Company in 1964 and spent his entire life in the Roof Curb industry.


Constantly worked to improve the quality of the earliest roof curb systems with new prefabricated designs.


Driven to create a watertight roof curb to change the industry through reliability and standardizations.

Bob Always Made a Difference

Instrumental in creating the original prefabricated Roof Curb specification under division 07720 Roof Accessories to assure one source responsibility.
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Roof Products, Inc.

RPI has over 45 years experience in the Roofing Curb industry. Prefabricated Roof Curbs and custom engineered systems specifically for your architectural designs. We helped create the very specifications the industry is built on.


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